Rush falls to Marin County FC

Norcal Rush lost a tough match to Marin County FC by the score of 2 to 5 on 2021-11-13 at San Rafael HS in San Rafael!
Norcal Rush scoring: Diego Ochoa 2
Marin County FC scoring: Marin County FC scoring: Brennan Blondin 1, Joseph Ndungu 1, Kevin Garcia 1, Henry Mata 1, Diego Kroell 1

Rush loses 3-1 at home to Ajax

Norcal Rush lost a tough match to Ajax East Bay by the score of 1 to 3 on 2021-11-06 at Nordvik Field in Fremont!
Norcal Rush scoring: Luis Ponce 1
Ajax East Bay scoring: Javier Nava 2, Christian Bulilan 1